We strive to make our website compliant with the standards published by the W3C (web content accessibility guidelines).


Karizma is constantly improving its systems to meet W3C standards. We have designed the website with the following W3C accessibility goals:

  • We designed our pages to display a screen resolution of 1024×768 pixels. It corresponds to most users’ minimum equipment, according to W3C.
  • Technology that powers this site complies with W3C accessibility standards. It makes appropriate use of description tags and style sheets.
  • The navigation system only includes text and not images (except for the Karizma logo).
  • The text size can be increased or decreased on all pages.
  • The site map provides additional information on the site’s structure.
  • A title accompanies each link to meet W3C standards.
  • Almost all content on the site is indexed.
  • The colour chart provides a high level of contrast.

If you have any comments or questions about accessibility, you can send them to us via our contact form. We also recommend checking w3c standards.